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Direct Access Work


You can come to Philip direct. You do not need to come through a solicitor.

This direct approach results in savings for you, because you only need one lawyer rather than two. And, as a barrister, Philip work on very low overheads, which means good value for clients.

Philip brings all of his legal expertise and will to win to his direct access work. Two of Philip’s direct access cases have resulted in findings that government guidance was wrong, so allowing pubs to remain open which would otherwise have been closed. In one of those cases, the Home Office and the Police agreed to pay damages. This is believed to be the only case in which this has happened.

Philip is known for his client-friendly manner. And he works informally, so you will not need to travel to London to see him in person to take advice. He can advise you by phone, e-mail or Skype, to save you time and money. Or, if you prefer, he can come to you.

Philip understands that open-ended costs are worrying for clients. So he will quote you a fixed fee for the job and stick to it. This helps you plan in advance. The rate for a job depends on a number of factors, such as length of hearing, the amount of paper and the complexity of the issues. Philip will assess this at the beginning to give you certainty from the outset. If you prefer, you can agree a fee for some brief initial advice on the merits of your case, to help you decide whether to take the case further.

If your case is not strong, Philip will tell you, so that you do not waste your money pursuing a lost cause. If it is strong, you will be able to pursue it with confidence. Either way, you will be in safe, experienced hands.

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I am immensely grateful to you for getting me out of jail Sir. You did an outstanding job in the face of resolute opposition. You are worth every penny and a lot more. It was a huge pleasure and privilege to see you work at close quarters.

(Bar owner following successful appeal against revocation)